The solution cloud backup allows the safeguarding of information in your organization in a safe place against theft or natural disaster, ensuring extra security to critical information of your business.


For organizations with multiple locations the cloud backup is the best solution, enabling standardization in backup routines and that all the information is centralized.


Whatever the size of your organization cloud backup solution guarantees the protection of all your information. The solution follows the growth of your business, without concerns the level of physical file or additional equipment.


The cloud backup accompanies mobility and continuity of your business, allowing the provision of information to all employees, regardless of location.


The cloud backup solution guarantee that only invests resources you actually use, without the need to invest in their own infrastructure and respective maintenance.



The information is available to be viewed at any time anywhere, unlike solutions that rely on physical equipment subject to failure or maintenance.


Introduce some of the advantages and features of ARTVISION Cloud Backup solution:

The new generation of Backup in the Cloud
Not all data should be treated the same. Some should be recoverable immediately, while others are stored for archival and compliance purposes, thus, unlikely to be accessed. Therefore, we introduced the unprecedented, Hybrid Backup.
Hybrid Backup
The new generation of hybrid backup solution is available in ARTVISION Backup Cloud. This new generation introduces three types of storage: Instant, Archive and Local Storage, enabling organizations to choose the type of backup depending on the criticality of the data. The entire process is managed fully automatically.
Secure and reliable
The ARTVISION Cloud Backup encrypts your data before it leaves your machines with military level 256-AES encryption, transferred to the secure and reliable Amazon S3 servers using 256-AES encryption and stored on 256-AES encrypted Amazon S3 servers.
This level of security complies with all laws and regulations for safely processing, transferring, and storing data such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, PHIPA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, FISMA, and the Joint Commission.  
ARTVISION Cloud Backup uses the enterprise level, secure and reliable Amazon S3 Data centers. Your backups are duplicated and stored over multiple facilities across the globe ensuring on-demand data availability. All major computation is done on the back end cloud, offering smooth backup and minimum performance impact on your side.  
The replacement files and files is ensured at any time through a web console with management made simple and secure way for ARTVISION.


Ensure your data effectively from:

  • Backup Home from:
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  • Backup PRO Instant from:
  • €24,60/month
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  • Backup PRO Archive from:
  • €20,91/month
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